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LED bits and pieces…

1206 SMD LEDs I picked up some 1206 SMD LEDs the other week, they’re bound to come in handy. One of my pet hates is when I get some or other board with SMD LEDs on and the maker has … Continue reading

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Transistor basics

Being fairly new at this I can’t say I’ve quite got my head around transistors yet. I keep letting the smoke out 😳 I want to use some SMD transistors with the next LED board I put together so I … Continue reading

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First SMD reflow attempt

The LED boards turned up from Seeedstudio today. Here’s one: That didn’t turn out too bad. The text for the resistor values is too small, I’ll know next time. I thought I’d better get on with it to see what … Continue reading

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Improvements to the “Man Lab”

I’m usually struggling with the fact that my computer is on a different desk to where I do soldering and generally put bits together. Yes, I can create “dead tree” versions of datasheets quite easily but I do find paper … Continue reading

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