It’s progress Jim…

…but not as we know it 🙁

Had everything assembled so went for some testing with robot thingy up on “bricks” (or a foam pad, same thing).

It would run just fine until I dialled up the motor speed. Then the Atmega would hit some code that it couldn’t – all the calls are commented out – and we would have what I would normally call a, er, “crash”.

Internet brains trust seems to indicate noisy motors so off we go…



So, 0.1uF caps across the motor terminals. Not convinced this is going to fix it but I don’t really know… Anyway, why change one thing at a time and try to understand stuff when you can add more random capacitors (they’re good, right?)

Have re-done the plumbing on the I2C bus as well. It will terminate on the main 328 board now. Partly this is because I was measuring 5.6V on I2C so something wasn’t right. Was also picking up 0.4V difference on different parts of the robot chassis (that was supposed to be my “ground” so, er, what?). May just explicitly ground all the electronics and ignore the chassis altogether. Wires work. Should get it all back together in the next couple of days and will have to see what happens.

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