It’s been confusing. I really thought I’d got everything sorted the other day. More testing revealed that there were still crashes when the motor speed got too high.

I tried dropping the I2C resistors to 1K6. That helped. Sometimes.

I added a breadboard to be able to swap different resistors in and out. That helped, sometimes.

I read up some more on Google and grounded the metal bands around the motors that the extra capacitors were connected to. That helped. Yup. Sometimes.

Putting it all together, I’ve now got grounded metal bits on the motors and an extra mini breadboard. It seems stable so I’ll stick with this. Not sure why this is so hard – maybe my use of sockets is the problem. Am certainly prepared to dump the current boards and replace them with soldered stuff if that seems likely. I just obviously don’t know enough about this (yet) to make that decision though.

Breadboard I2C bus termination

Breadboard I2C bus termination

Still looks good :)

Had a quick play with some stuff – ripped off from the current issue of the MagPi (with a few hacks). I produced a stunning web interface (for some value of “stunning”, obviously).

Hmmmm.... Must do better

Hmmmm…. Must do better

Yes, I know, everything says “btn”. The way it works is that the red stuff is “STOP”, the blue stuff is add 25 or subtract 25 from current motor speed (top being forward, bottom being reverse). Green is add or subtract from motor speed on left or right – or average current motor speed if in the middle. So, “btn” covers that then.

My web game is weak. And it’s not something I have enough “arsed” about to learn either. I still managed to drive the bot about for a bit before I got bored though 🙂

So, progress…

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