It might work, one day…

Have been playing at robots again. Not with that much success to be honest.

I thought I’d got the hardware working and knew I had software issues. That got me to this:

I sorted the “guidance” software out – and it does seem to do the right thing now – and I still get random. So, back to hardware then. What? You think I don’t know what I’m doing? You’d be right 🙂

I decided to move the motor controller board from the inside to the outside. That required a bit of “cutting” (mostly my fingers) and re-arrangement.

Cut and shut

Cut and shut

This gives me enough room to stand the 8xAA battery pack on it’s side and put the motor controller board on top.

Style, I've heard of that

Style, I’ve heard of that

So, put it all together and…

Stuff with stuff on it

Stuff with stuff on it

Have given it a quick test and it’s exactly the same as it was with the motor controller tucked away inside by the motors.

May need to put fresh batteries in. It does tend to not work properly when the batteries discharge and I did hammer it with testing last night. Not convinced, but gathering more data can’t be a bad thing really…




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