Robot, Plan “B”, er “C”, er whatever…

Someone suggested that I lose the stepper motor and just go with 3 HC SR-04 sensors at the front. I must admit, that sounds too simple to me but I really would like to get this working and go on to learn about implementing some reasonable SLAM software.

What have I got to lose, I can always get it working then make it more complicated and cock it up all over again 🙂

So, replacing the stepper motor, stepper motor driver, and single sensor with a bit of veroboard (some that I bought that doesn’t have 0.1″ hole spacing so virtually useless to me anyway)…

New front end

New front end

The sensors are soldered to a small piece of “proper” veroboard before having an insulating pad glued over the circuit board, Checked them out on an Arduino and they all do just fine.



That’s them all wired in and ready for final positioning – when I get the chance to do it properly (well, nearly properly).

Don’t really like the way it looks but so what. Will it work well enough to build upon, finally…?



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