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Have been mostly focussing on learning Python lately. Needed to either sort out some Adafruit python code or just build something that would work with what they have. I went for the latter option, software is what I do but soldering is much more fun really 🙂

"Simple" board featuring MCP23017

“Simple” board featuring MCP23017

Nobody seems to want to show you their “backside”. Here’s mine, and it’s not pretty,..



There’s a lot of soldering in there. None of it is pretty. “Solder bridges” – hmmm.

But it works, so that’s alright then, I think.

Pi time

Pi time

Crap photo, it looks a lot better than that.

I think I now understand why people get circuit boards made for them. It is a bit easier.

So, that’s a 16×2 LCD display driven by Adafruit python code from a Raspberry Pi. That’s sat on a Proto-Pic “arduino” base plate too. Had to drill a couple of holes but it works really well.

It’s all slow progress here a the moment, robot will feature soon I think.

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