As fiddly as…

You choose 🙂

Those nice people at Maxim sent me some samples of one of their battery management chips – the DS2762. They’re a bit small, to say the least – about 5mm x 5mm according to my cheapo plastic ruler.

I bought some adapter boards from eBay (10 for about $16) and they turned up today, from that China, where else.

With a bit of help from a thin slice of insulation tape I was able to achieve this in about 10 minutes – most of which was me ham-fistedly knocking the thing out of alignment and saying “Bollocks!”.

DS2762 "onna stick"

DS2762 “onna stick”

Yes, that is a 5p piece 😉

Have checked it out under a tiny, and cheap, microscope I bought (from China, where else) and it looks fine. Had a long day at work before this so don’t really have sufficient reserves of “arsed” left tonight to read the datasheet and see if it works.

In summary, very fiddly to get into the right position. Absolute doddle to solder once it is in the right place though. That seems about par for the course for this kind of chip to me, even though this is, by a long way, the smallest thing I’ve ever soldered.

Now, where did I put it…

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