3 x Adafruit NeoMatrix 8×8 RGB LED

And finally, I’ve managed to play with these without trashing anything!

Dangerous Prototypes ATX Breakout

Dangerous Prototypes ATX Breakout

I’m using the same power supply that I managed to spike a couple of boards with last week – this time however, I’m using a Dangerous Prototypes ATX breakout board which has a 1.5A polyfuse on each output. I’m sure it’s still possible to zap stuff since it was probably a voltage spike wot dunnit, but I’m being a bit more careful tonight 🙂

I’ve been using my home made current meter – this is the 2.5A max version but, typically, I’ve loaded the wrong firmware onto the chip so it’s over-reading by a factor of 2. That’s easy to fix, just couldn’t be bothered tonight.

I’m typically running at brightness levels of “10” with the Adafruit library (I assume the maximum is 100). As you might expect, setting a white background uses a lot more power. If you go nuts and also use full white (0xff,0xff,0xff) then it’s a lot more than, say, (0xa0,0xa0,0xa0).

I’ll look into current usage properly when I come to mount these panels in something and need to sort out a proper PSU. If I can fix the two I damaged then I’ll treat myself to another one and run a 3×2 (24×16 pixels) display, for starters anyway 🙂 I need to faff about with some graphics first and generally see what these things can do, so far (when I don’t blow them up) I’m very impressed with how they behave and look.

Here’s a video of me faffing with brightness levels – as usual with my videos, it’s on the crap side. I really must get a Raspberry Pi and camera setup to take better pictures and videos than my ‘phone. One day…


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