I picked up the WS2812 5050 RGB LED chips earlier – here’s a pack of them with the boards ready for repair:

All set!

All set!

So I cleaned off the old solder, tinned a pad on one corner and carefully positioned the replacement chip. With a fine tip on the soldering iron, it was fairly simple to get on a bit of pad and the “pin” of the chip and then introduce solder in the usual way. I got both of them done and even managed to clean the crap out of the holes on the board so I could get new wires in.

Time to test…

Plugged the first board in, made sure the Arduino Uno had the right single board test sketch uploaded and threw the switch…

Nothing happened 🙁

Guess which plank had put the GND and +5V cables in, er, GND? 🙂

I put that right and both boards are officially fully working again. At nearly £30 per board it’s nice to fix them with a 40p chip and I’ve still got 18 chips left – not to mention the 200 that were dispatched from China this morning 🙂

Yay! Now to fix all 5 boards to some card and get working on a 40×8 RGB matrix display. Pictures/Videos to follow…

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