Good news and bad news…

Starting with the good – I tested the 5 NeoMatrix panels individually just now and 3 of them are absolutely fine. The one with the duff LED at (0,0) doesn’t light up at all – with a bit of luck it’s only the first LED that’s toast but I need to do some tests on that. The other panel has column 0 working perfectly but nothing else is working – again, that could be just a single LED at fault and only testing will tell. Whatever, the worst case is that I have to rebuild two entire panels, not the full 5 🙂

And the bad…

I’ve been doing some “up on bricks” tests on “Slobot” and it’s not behaving itself at all. Same old story, as soon as the motors ramp up then it crashes. I swapped out the Gertduino and put an Arduino Uno back in it’s place and that has made no difference. I’ll take it apart again and move the motor controller board back up top – where it was working. If that works, I can try the Gertduino again, if it doesn’t then it’s probably game over for Slobot. I don’t think I’ve got enough arsed left to try and fix whatever the problem might be when I’ve already been through this process and there’s so much other stuff I want to get on with. I really thought I’d be working on the Python software now and, not that I expect that to be easy, making some kind of progress and learning new stuff. Hmmm…. Decision day on Slobot tomorrow then.


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