And we’re back…

…with a fairly trivial little project to “let there be light”.

Been “moving” house. Long story, can’t be bothered going there, but it’s kept me from doing anything for quite a while. After much faffing, we’re buying the “bungy” we’ve been renting for the last 5 years – contracts are exchanged, completion is but days away, so time to get back to bodging stuff 🙂

We have a cloaks cupboard that is dark – the way the door opens you just don’t get any useful light and there’s no power in there to do anything with. In past properties I’ve bought battery powered IR sensor lights to job this job. Problem, they are utter shite as the IR sensor uses current, all the time.

Here’s my new solution…

1W LED bead, and friends

1W LED bead, and friends

That’s a 1W LED bead with an AMC7135 constant current driver and a bit of bodgetastic soldering (only one of the caps is “needed” – personally, I really don’t think you need any here, but I’d got them out and they’re small so it was “use it, or lose it”).

So we need power, and something to switch the thing on and off. That’s not hard, is it…

Say no to PIR

Say no to PIR

All very simple stuff. The battery box has a 5V boost converter on the back of it. The micro-switch triggers the whole lot. And hot glue holds everything together, as it should.

Had a bit of an oopsie in that I was a bit too generous with the hot glue for the switch so I’ve bollocksed the switch – there’s a bit of hot glue that’s got into the actual micro-switch. The end result is it takes a few seconds to switch on when you open the cupboard door. Easy enough to hack the whole switch off and replace it tomorrow, with a bit less glue obviously 😳

It’s good to be back doing stuff. Especially with the “new, improved” man lab 🙂 I packed everything away because we were going to buy somewhere else – that didn’t work out. It’s been a great opportunity to rearrange everything and have more space and easier access to all my stuff. Looking forward to getting on with all the things I want to get on with.

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