The answer to a question…

I had wondered if the Sparkfun TB6612FNG  motor driver would be up to the job of driving the 4 motors in my 4WD Arduino Platform. Have been snowed in today so had a day off to tinker and I can now conclusively answer my own question:


Here’s a close up


That’ll be “No” then 🙂

Ah well, back to the drawing board. I have a couple of spares of these so may go back to plan “A” and run 2 motors off each TB6612FNG. That would mean having to mount the micro-controller outside of the engine compartment – or using an Arduino Pro Mini (I have one somewhere so maybe that’s the solution).

On a more positive note, I have fitted a Pololu stepper motor and “Big Easy Stepper Driver” – replacing the cheap and cheerful Chinese stuff I was using. That’s working really well, not much use on a robot that doesn’t go though.

Stepper Board

One day, I’ll get this finished and then be able to start on the software for autonomous operation…

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