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What’s This?

Here’s a page for bouncing around ideas for useful (or not, who cares) projects. Mostly, it’ll be based around what bits I’ve got on the shelf (or en-route from that there China 😳 ).

5cm x 5cm LED Lighting Control Boards

  • RGB 5050 SMD LED’s
  • How many per board?
  • Chain boards together, all show same colour (it’s lighting, not display)
  • In stock:
    1. SMD 5050 RGB LED (~1000)
    2. SOT-23 500mA NPN Transistors (~500)
    3. SMD Resistors (100R, 150R + sample pack)

Controller for 5cm x 5cm Lighting Boards

To provide RGB PWM control (dimming, colour mixing) for lighting boards using basic ir remote (can get color rgb led lamp ones cheaply enough. From? Yup!).

  • IR receiver
  • AT tiny 45/85 (DIP-8)
  • DIP-8 Socket
  • resistors (smd or th)
  • caps (smd or th)
  • 3.6V zener diode (smd or th)
  • All in stock or on their way 😳


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